How Do I Increase My Semen Volume?


Almost all men are worried about the amount of their sperm. Many men have this natural desire to be able to produce and release more sperm than they actually are. Not only this, with the help of semenax you will not lose weight too much. They seem to measure your manhood by the amount of sperm you release during ejaculation.

One of the most important biological benefits of sperm count is that it can improve your sperm count, resulting in better fertility.

Another fact is that more sperm can help you enjoy a stronger and stronger orgasm. Your penis directs the sperm to the ejaculate which gives you a pleasant sensation. The extra semen can expand this pump and therefore improve your pleasure.

Here are some of the most effective and easy ways to increase sperm production:

1. Start by drinking more fluids

This is the first thing you need to do. If you want to produce more semen, drink more water and other fluids such as fruit juices and take Semenax pills. Juices, in particular, are known to increase sperm production in men.

2. Avoid sexual intercourse or masturbation for a few days

Many people do not like this suggestion, but if you want to increase your sperm, leave your body a little rest between ejaculations. You should try to understand that your body can produce more sperm in a day and if you want to ejaculate more, give it 2 or 3 days to increase its volume.

3. Eat more Zinc

Zinc is the metal your body needs to produce testosterone, which is a hormone that produces sperm. Foods rich in zinc are known to be very effective in increasing testosterone and sperm count. To get more zinc, include Semenax in your diet. It is important to note that zinc from animal sources is easier on your body than plant sources.

Some of the other sources of zinc include chicken, nuts and beans, spinach, flaxseed, etc.

4. Try the celery

Although there are no studies that support the effectiveness of celery in increasing sperm production, there is nothing wrong with trying it and verifying it yourself. Many men say that eating raw celery is effective in increasing sperm count.

In addition, celery can help you produce more pheromones, keeping you less sensitive to women. Another well-known advantage of celery is that it makes you experience a stronger peak. So, this is definitely worth a try.

5. Other foods

Some of the other foods that are known to be very effective in increasing your sperm count are pumpkin seeds, seeds, eggs, bananas, spinach, etc. Oysters are also a source of zinc to boost your testosterone and sperm count. . They can also help increase your libido.

6. Quit smoking

Smoke and other toxins in cigarettes can damage your sperm production. Tobacco is a vasoconstrictor that reduces blood flow to the testicles and reduces the supply of nutrients that the testicles need to produce more sperm. So, if you want to improve your sperm production, do not smoke now!

7. Try to increase your natural sperm count

One of the best and most effective ways to increase sperm production is with the help of Semenax pills or herbs. Such pills are a good combination of herbs, amino acids, minerals and other nutrients that can produce five times as much sperm in just a few months.


Semenax pills can also help stimulate erection and libido. Not only this, they can also help you ejaculate more powerfully to enjoy a stronger orgasm.