Finger Nail Health - What Your Fingers Are Telling You

Do your nails hurt? Given the growing market for fake acrylic nails, it seems that many people prefer to hide their nails as they dont know about Keravita Pro supplements. Surprisingly, the condition of your nails can clearly reveal your overall physical and mental health.

The Beau line

Horizontal nails that fall to the bottom may indicate diabetes or malnutrition among others. The line may be the result of a car accident or a previous illness that involved a high fever. Some people find that the lines just disappear as the nail grows, while others have to wait until the nail is fully exposed.

The hit of the fingers and nails

Certain conditions such as problems with the liver, heart, lungs or intestines can cause more stretching of the fingers and curvature of the nails around them. This condition called "clubbing" indicates that medical examinations should be considered.

Colored nails

Although most people know that nail loss can be caused by smoking (another reason to quit smoking), color changes can be the result of a variety of health conditions such as chronic bronchitis. , especially when used in combination with other symptoms.

The condition of some respiratory organs is visible from all nails as a yellowish tinge. Often thicker than usual, nails tend to grow slowly.

Fungal infections or lymphedema (swelling of the hands) may also be responsible. Nails can have a variety of colors ranging from red and black to blood under the nails, to green or even white. The doctor should be consulted for permanent color changes.

Nails with stones

Fingernails that have small lines usually affect people with psoriasis or dermatitis. Deformity, along with hair loss, may indicate gyroid alopecia, a condition caused by autoimmune system failure.

Dirty nails

Nails that have a constant dense dirt underneath show the world that people on whom they are really disrespectful to themselves. Generally, such dirty nails are found in people who do not care about their appearance and health. Therefore, it can be a sign of depression and self-doubt.

Bite your fingernails and take it

It often occurs from very short nails, the habit of biting nails and picking nails generally begins in childhood and is often associated with stress or insecurity. There are a variety of over-the-counter products that claim to help end nail biting. Most of them are based on aromatic liquids applied to the nails.

Keravita Pro, however, is the easiest and most effective treatment for bites and nails. Extraction of the nails can cause permanent damage, weakening the nails and making them soft and easy to tear and drip. Often pilots do not know they are doing it. Wearing gloves, if possible, makes it harder to break this habit. Many people break these habits when they grow up, but some fail to do so.

Once established, the two habits may be incompatible with the will and desire and in this case external help is needed. Professional hypnotherapy can cure both of these habits effectively and quickly.


In the form of onycholysis, the nail appears to be separated from the nail, which is cloudy.

Nails are easily caught with tools or other objects and are treated with keravita pro supplements. Due to injury, illness, thyroid problems or reactions to drugs, nail products or nails that are left too long, this disease is not painful, but the doctor should consider the necessary treatment.