Correcting Common Vision Problems by knowing the things behind them



Astigmatism is a refractive error of the eye that causes blurred vision. The problem can be corrected with glasses, spectacles, ReVision supplement or surgery.


Keratoconus is a condition that affects the cornea or anterior. If your eyes have a more conical / football shape than a perfect canopy, you may be suffering from this disease. Keratoconus causes light to scatter in the eye, causing blurred or blurred vision. Although the problem may be mild astigmatism, it can also be the result of keratoconus.


Presbyopia is an eye disease that develops as we age. Although it is inevitable that everyone will develop presbyopia, it is common for patients to begin to show symptoms in their 40s.

When to seek help

If you feel that your vision is blurred than usual or you have eye problems or headaches, now is the time to seek help from a specialist. An eye care professional can help determine if you may have presbyopia, astigmatism or keratoconus. In addition, he can advise you on ReVision that can correct the problem.

If you have astigmatism, presbyopia or keratoconus, special contact may be provided. For astigmatism, the lens is called the toric lens. They have more power to rotate the light in one direction or the other. After a few tests, your optometrist will help you decide which of the toric lenses your optometrist will focus on.

There is no blurred vision in Baseball! Do you want to improve your domain statistics? Start by taking care of your eyes. If you wear glasses during a game or on the court, you completely block your vision and cause constant interference that can be easily replaced with contact lenses. New developments in eye care allow contact lenses designed to improve athletic performance without obstructing the glasses as much as possible.

Amber flashlight: ideal for fast-moving soccer sports such as baseball, football, basketball, soccer and tennis. The lens can block blue-green rays so you can focus on the ball instead of the glare.
Gray green lenses: In bright and summer light, these lenses will block the green and red colors, thus reducing the brightness. If you are passionate about outdoor sports that include surfing, golf, water skiing and jogging, these are the links for you.

Indian words yogi:
"The face is the index of the mind and the eye the door of the soul."
In a tangible sense, the eyes are the only window into the world.

You can enjoy your happy life watching this wonderful creature, if you do not have good eyes. Therefore, good eye care habits can help maintain the eye and improve poor eyesight.

Visual exercises (more than 20 meters away): The human eye was not created by creatures for long-term use in remote work (reading books, computers, industrial work, sewing, etc.). Vision is the natural position of the eye (20 meters or more). The eye muscles say when they see from a distance. So, ReVision is always good for your eyes and eyesight, if you regularly practice looking from a distance or looking.

Avoid close work during and after meals and add ReVision in meals: during digestion blood is directed to the stomach for digestion, so close work during or after digestion is not enough food for the eyes, hence the lack of nutrients for eyes, the weakness of the ocular muscles and therefore, cloud of vision. Do not read when you are tired or sick. Weak physical strength weakens the entire system. Read reviews to learn drawbacks of reading during illness or fatigue reduces the focused eye muscles.